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Providing Safe On-the-Go Menu Options

As the need for convenience continues to grow, food-sensitive consumers are discovering limited options. Even when they do come across items labeled "gluten-free", their confidence in proper handling is low. Is it worth the risk? 

At Chef Pack®, we strive to develop reliable rapid cook packaging for all consumers. How is this achieved? Our flexible and rigid containers remain fully sealed throughout their life cycle. The package contents are protected from external contaminants from co-packer to restaurant to oven. Food handling, and potential for kitchen cross-contamination, is therefore eliminated. Chef Pack® product design and strict supply chain standards ensure a safer, more hygienic on-the-go experience.

Interested in expanding into the gluten-free market, or simply focused on improving food safety? Choose a packaging partner with a proven record of development and delivery in the rapid cook market. Contact a Chef Pack® representative today to discuss product quality, speed of service, and cost/waste reduction. Common markets served include:

  • QSR & Casual Dining
  • Retail and Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Markets/Applications
  • Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Travel & Lodging
  • Food Processors
Read about how Chef Pack® is improving the lives of customers today:

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Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

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