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Engineered to Perform

Chef Pack® containers are designed for maximum performance in accelerated cook environments up to 520° F (also function in refrigerated settings). Each container is individually customized for its food contents, so that your consumer enjoys superior flavor and texture.

Like an oven inside your oven—the product’s humidity is controlled during cooking or baking, and it stays warmer longer as the container holds in heat.

  • Suitable for cooking in a variety of ovens (Conveyor, Accelerated Cook, Combi, Convection, Microwave)
  • Suitable for cooking temperatures up to 520°F
  • Product stays warmer longer as the container holds heat in
  • Product toasts and browns beautifully during the heating cycle
  • Product is in a controlled environment from factory to consumer
  • Product remains sealed for the entire life cycle

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Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

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