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Oven2Go Convenience Packaging

Boost throughput at your QSR, fast casual, or C-store chain with Oven2Go. Our latest accelerated cook innovation incorporates easy peel and seal adhesive with Chef Pack's bake-in-bag technology.

Easy Seal= Easy Execution for Operators

Operators can simply place the food product into the package, remove the adhesive strip, and seal by hand- no equipment or additional materials needed! The package is then placed directly into the oven, cooked up to 520 °F, and served to the customer. Chef Pack's proprietary adhesive system is FDA compliant, recyclable, and retains its seal in accelerated cook environments.

Bake-In-Bag Performance

By creating a convection effect, the product is evenly heated with superior moisture control. Moisture can escape, heat is retained, and external contaminants are blocked from entry. The result? A consistent, quality sensory experience for on-the-go customers.

Four Easy Steps to Reduce Prep, Cost, and Waste

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Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

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