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What is Chef Pack®?

Oven-Within-An-Oven Technology

At Chef Pack®, we engineer food packaging solutions. Demand for on-the-go meals continues to grow, which presents the challenge of pairing quality, consistency, and convenience.

Our rigid containers and flexible packaging address this by remaining fully sealed throughout the product life cycle. This award-winning design creates a convection effect, releasing moisture while retaining heat for even cooking in various oven platforms. Give your customers the fresh, crisp meals they expect with Chef Pack® solutions.

Chef Pack® is ideal for sandwiches, soup, pizza, and more. In addition to performing in ovens up to 520 °F, our packaging is designed to reduce the need for consumables, minimize environmental impact, and offer a safe option for customers with food sensitivities.

We partner with major QSR/C-store brands and suppliers to improve speed of service, product quality, and waste reduction. Contact the Chef Pack® team today to discuss your packaging goals.

Make →Bake→Take

Chef Pack's® properties allow for direct transfer of product from FREEZER to OVEN to CUSTOMER without opening the pack or food handlers touching the raw product. This makes Chef Pack® ideally suited for:

  • Retail and Convenience Stores
  • QSR & Casual Dining
  • Specialty Markets/Applications
  • Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Travel & Lodging
  • Food Processors
Engineered for TurboChef®, MerryChef®, and all other major OEM oven platforms.


Engineered to Perform

Suitable for accelerated cooking platforms with temperatures up to 520° F while offering superior humidity control.



Reduces waste by eliminating excess wrapping, trays, and paper.

Gluten-Free Solution

Gluten-Free Solution

Package remains sealed for the entire product life cycle; contaminant-free from co-packer to consumer.

Contact Chef Pack®

Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

Call 847-340-1185

Or Email wchandler@afcmaterials.com

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