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The Accelerated Cook Packaging Solution

A revolutionary material — Chef Pack® is NOT a standard off the shelf packaging product.

Rigid Ready Meal from ChefPack

Customizable Rigid Containers

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Engineered to Perform

Engineered to Perform

Chef Pack® containers are designed for maximum performance in refrigerated through accelerated cook environments for temperatures up to 520° F. Each container is individually customized for its food contents, so that your consumer enjoys superior flavor and texture. Details

Environmentally Aware

Environmentally Aware

Not only are Chef Pack® containers manufactured to be compostable and recyclable, they also reduce waste by eliminating excess wrapping, trays, and paper. Details

Gluten-Free Solution

Gluten-Free Solution

Chef Pack® allows for protection of Gluten-Free products by cooking them in their own contained environment. Read about how Chef Pack® is improving the lives of customers today. Details


Award-Winning Innovation

Winner of the 2017 QSR-FPI Foodservice Packaging Award for Excellence in New Menu Launch

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