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Flexible Oven Packaging

Chef Pack® flexible accelerated cook packaging is the ideal choice for sandwiches, pizza, and other grab-and-go options that don't require a solid base. Our packaging is engineered to help achieve consistent, convenient, and contaminant-free meals that satisfy both consumers and your bottom line. Designs are configured to meet the individual requirements of each food product:

  • Performs in temperatures up to 520 °F
  • Fully contained design creates convection effect
    • Barrier allows moisture to release while retaining and circulating heat
  • Reduces handling and consumables
  • 100% recyclable materials (no plastic used)
  • Available as flow-wrapped or gusseted bags
    • Heat sealed and cold sealed options
  • High temperature labels for product identification and package sealing
  • Various window capabilities to enhance product display
  • Branding opportunities

Contact Chef Pack®

Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

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