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More than just a package, Chef Pack® is a cooking platform that delivers premium food quality from any oven. Offering unmatched flexibility, our design team optimizes packaging to improve operator performance and customer satisfaction.

From initial concept to launch, our R&D team manages the entire process. We understand that collaboration occurs over the phone, in our test kitchen, at corporate offices, and in the field. Our team is readily available and responsive to your needs. For your next accelerated cook project, trust Chef Pack®. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Flexible Flow Wrap and Customizable Bags

  • Available as flow wrapper or as pre-made bags.
  • Available with or without window.
  • Custom branding and cooking instruction on packaging.

Customizable Rigid Containers

  • Containers are individually customized for each food product.
  • Available with or without window.
  • No plastic film used.
  • Custom branding and cooking instruction on packaging.

Contact Chef Pack®

Fresh, Fast, Functional: Chef Pack® is your food packaging solution. Contact us today to experience the Chef Pack® advantage.

Call 847-340-1185

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