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Rigid Containers for Accelerated Cook Ovens

Chef Pack rigid containers incorporate a proprietary lidding system. This creates a convection effect, ensuring optimal moisture content and heat retention in ovens up to 520 °F. Soups, stews, stir fries and more are served with premium, consistent texture and flavor.

By remaining fully contained throughout the product life cycle, the package prevents cross-contamination that commonly occurs in kitchens. Give your customers, especially those with food sensitivities, a reliable on-the-go option.

Chef Pack rigid containers are 100% recyclable, and also reduce the need for consumables, such as additional paper, wrapping, or handling equipment. This cuts operator steps, cost, and waste. We strive to provide sustainable solutions for both your business and the environment.

Various sizes and configurations are available based on application. Contact the Chef Pack team today for your next accelerated cook packaging project.

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