Innovative Cooking Solutions

A revolutionary material — Chef Pack® is not a standard off the shelf packaging product.

Bake in a bag with ChefPack

Like an Oven inside Your Oven

Chef Pack® allows the humidity of the product to be controlled during cooking or baking. Moisture is released from the bag but no air can enter. Browning occurs when the air temperature inside the bag equalizes with the circulating air.

The food product stays in a controlled environment from factory to customer, and it stays warmer longer as the bag holds heat in.

In addition, Chef Pack® reduces consumable costs because there is no need for external packaging, tray or baking paper, disposable gloves for food handlers, and final packaging to wrap product. It is truly the one bag that does it all.

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Make ... Bake ... Take

The Chef Pack®properties allow for direct transfer of product from FREEZER to OVEN to CUSTOMER without opening the pack and with NO food handlers touching the raw product. This makes Chef Pack®ideally suited for:

  • Retail and Convenience Stores
  • QSR & Casual Dining
  • Specialty Markets/Applications
  • Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Travel & Lodging
  • Food Processors

Consider the Advantages

  • Product hygiene and safe handling
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Available with or without window
  • Available as flow wrapper or pre-made bags
  • Suitable for accelerated cook, conveyor, convection, combi and microwave ovens
  • Custom branding and cooking instruction on packaging

How to Order

Chef Pack® is manufactured to the individual requirements of each food product. This allows for maximize cooking performance and optimal taste. This unique design assures that the consumer receives a high quality food product.

Unlike PET packaging, Chef Pack® is designed to enhance the cooking of your food.

For more information on designing the Chef Pack® solution for your products; contact Kevin Dunlea at 847-841-4011 (kdunlea).

Download the Chef Pack® Brochure