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Chef Pack® Advances Food Safety in the Accelerated Cook Marketplace

The Chef Pack® bag is manufactured from a 100% breathable material, which allows the release of moisture during the cooking process. The bag remains sealed for the entire life cycle of the product. This unique quality allows the possibility for cooking Gluten-Free products alongside non Gluten-Free products without the risk of contamination.

Consider the Advantages

  • Product hygiene and safe handling
  • Superior humidity control
  • Increased heat retention
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Available with or without window
  • Available as flow wrapper or pre-made bags
  • Suitable for accelerated cook, conveyor, convection, combi and microwave ovens
  • Custom branding and cooking instruction on packaging
  • Reduces consumable costs by eliminating external packaging, tray or baking paper, disposable gloves for food handlers, and final packaging to wrap product

Experience the food packaging technology that truly does it all with Chef Pack®.