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Gluten-Free Solution

Chef Pack® is now a BRC Certified facility, ensuring that all products are held to the highest food safety supply chain standards. Read the press release here. 

Chef Pack® allows for protection of gluten-free products by cooking them in their own contained environment. This packaging technology allows the product to remain unopened from co-packer to restaurant. The need for food handling is eliminated, making a safer, more hygienic experience for health-conscious consumers. Chef Pack® is ideally suited for:

  • QSR & Casual Dining
  • Retail and Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Markets/Applications
  • Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare, Travel & Lodging
  • Food Processors

Read about how Chef Pack® is improving the lives of customers today:

“This sandwich is wrapped and heated in its own bag, mitigating any cross contamination from gluten-containing sandwiches.” Erica Dermer (Celiac and the Beast)

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